Everyone has a story and I'm here to tell it. From the time I was a young child, I have always loved stories - verbal stories that my parents would tell me before bed, picture stories from books, and animated stories on the screen. I studied storytelling in college getting a degree in theater and turned that love of storytelling into my profession when I picked up my first camera and used it to tell the stories of those around me. Since then, I have told hundreds of stories all over the world, and I'd love to capture yours.

Giving Back

Using photography to change the world - one story at a time.

Services and Pricing

Choose the best option to tell your family's story.

Day In The Life
The story of your family told by capturing a day in your life. The everyday in-between moments of making breakfast, cuddling on the couch, going for a walk - the moments that make up life - told in stunning detail and summed up in a timeless album for you treasure forever. No posing, no pressure - just real moments of connection in the beauty of everyday life. $1450 includes four hours of shooting time, 100 digital high quality images and an album to tell your story. Add a whimsical childhood shoot to the session for $500.
Imagine being IN your vacation photos instead of stuck behind the lens. Returning home with your precious memories captured in perfect detail and compiled in an album for you to show off and treasure always. $1000/day plus travel expenses.
Whimsical Childhood
The Short Story. This is an active, fun hour where your children get to dress up in their fanciest clothing and explore the beach or favorite park. No stress or pressure. Children are free to be themselves and play is encouraged. After our session, we will head over to a local coffee shop where you can immediately view your images and make your selections. We will walk you though exactly how to get your images off of the computer and into your home with prints, canvas, albums and digital images. There is no sitting fee but a minimum $350 order is required.



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Love storytelling? Take a look at the blog and immerse yourself in the beautiful stories of life.

A Magical Childhood Shoot at Greenlake

I don’t know if it was all an act, but these four siblings connected with each other in a way that was really beautiful. I’m sure there is plenty of fighting at home, but for me, they really let their love for each other shine. We met at sunset at Greenlake Park in Seattle on […]

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A Day In The Life shoot with a trip to Lincoln Park

It can so hard to open up your home to a photographer. To let her see the real you: dirty dishes and all after of night of very little sleep because the baby was up every hour. It takes trust, confidence and little bravery. Kate and her family were so welcoming and really embraced the […]

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Day In The Life of Tahmina, Robert and the Twins

I honestly don’t know how parents of twins do it. I think back on my daughters first five years and then I try to image that with TWO! Tahmina and Robert, however, make it look easy. It might be because their boys are quite possibly the sweetest boys ever, but I really think it speaks […]

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