Lena Eivy Photography | 10 questions to ask a photographers before booking them
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10 questions to ask a photographers before booking them

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I have a confession to make.

childhood,photography,seattle childhood photographer,seattle photographer,

Don’t let this get out, but before I became a professional photographer, I had NEVER hired a professional photographer to capture my own family.

childhood,photography,seattle childhood photographer,seattle photographer,

I mean, when my daughter was born, I headed over to JC Penny and used a coupon to get a $10 package, but I gave no thought to the quality of the images. In their defense, the images didn’t suck. They were in focus. They showed me what my daughter looked like as a baby against a white backdrop. They were fine.

So believe me when I tell you that I understand the moms who hop on the internet and head straight to a photographer’s prices. Bargain shopping for your photographer really works for some people.

But you won’t get magic.

I didn’t know that magic in photography existed until I started studying it.

But it does.

So, if you are looking for a photographer who creates magic instead of just a likeness, I’ve compiled a list of 10 questions to ask a photographer before you book with them.

1. How do you elicit REAL emotions from your subjects?

2. How much time do you spend in post processing?

3. What changes do you make to your images in post processing?
For example, I love to paint with light and color in my post processing to make an image magical, however, I will never liquify my subject to change their body or face.

4. What do you do if my child won’t cooperate with you?

5. What is your policy if I don’t like the images?

6. Where do you get your prints?
Be wary of a professional that uses a non-professional printing company

7. What do you do if it is raining? Cloudy?

8. Do you have insurance?
Professionals carry insurance for their equipment so that if something breaks, you will not get stuck with the bill

9. What is your photography style?
Check out their portfolio carefully. Make sure it is consistent and that it is the style that you want.

10. What are my responsibilities for the session?
Will you need to bring your own props? What do they want you to be ready to do – walk the park? Climb
a mountain? Get your feet wet? The more info you have before a session, the better the session will be.

Just like in life, communication is key. Ask questions. Make sure that you are completely comfortable with the responses and don’t forget to get those images off of your computer and onto your walls 🙂