Lena Eivy Photography | 24 Things to do in a Day In The Life Family Session
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24 Things to do in a Day In The Life Family Session


One of the biggest questions that I get asked about Day In The Life Photography is, “What would we do all day?”

The purpose of a Day In The Life photoshoot is to capture you and your family doing what you normally do together. The only problem with this idea is that, if your family is anything like mine, a typical day for you probably involves running errands, working on individual projects and maybe watching a movie together. Not the most photogenic activities, right?

Yes and no. I have captured many wonderful moments of connection during very ordinary outings such as running errands and going for a walk.


Individual project time can also be a great chance to showcase each person doing what they love.


The trick is finding a balance and doing what your family loves to do together. Try not to spend too much time separate since most of the joy of these shoots comes from the interactions between you and your family.

I’ve compiled a list of activities that clients of mine have done in the past that have made the session really fun and allowed us to get some great images:

* go get ice cream together – the gooier the better
* spend a day at the beach
* go for a walk
* go to your favorite park
* share a fancy cupcake
* go to the farmers market
* set up a slip and side in the back yard
* visit the zoo or aquarium
* rent a canoe and go on an adventure
* spend a rainy afternoon playing board games together
* cuddle up and watch a favorite movie together complete with popcorn and candy
* make a fort out of blankets in the living room or in the back yard
* take a trip on the water taxi
* ride a ferry to Bainbridge Island
* explore Pikes Place Market
* eat out at your favorite restaurant
* have the kids dress up and put on a play
* cook a meal together
* spend some time in the garden together
* visit grandma and grandpa
* read a book out loud to each other
* go berry picking
* play music together
* do an art project together

There is no right or wrong thing to do. As long as you are interacting with each other, your photos will be amazing and will always remind you of this precious time of your life.