Lena Eivy Photography | 4 Super Simple Things You Can Do Right Now To Take Better Photos of Your Kids
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4 Super Simple Things You Can Do Right Now To Take Better Photos of Your Kids

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So, you got a digital camera for Christmas. Now what?

So many buttons. What if you press something and it explodes?


I feel ya’. I’ve been there. Here are 4 super simple things you can do to start taking photos of your kiddos.


1) Shoot in Automatic. Unless you are completely comfortable with your camera and how ISO relates to F-Stop and Shutter Speed, focus on what actually matters (your kids) and let your camera do the thinking for you.


2) Windows! Find a window where the sun is not directly shining though (diffused light) and place said child about 6 feet away from this window. Facing it. Put yourself between your child and the window or perpendicular to them both. Voila! Perfect light.


3) Activity – Give you little one something meaningful to play with. You don’t want to be trying to entertain your little one while take the picture.


4) Go in close – If you go in closer, you will cut out all the clutter in background (no judgement – my house is worse. Promise). Plus, you’ll put the focus where the focus belongs – your kid.


There you have it. 4 super simple tips for taking better photos right now. Try it. You’ll thank me.