Lena Eivy Photography | A California Adventure
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A California Adventure

ca-17A couple of times a year, my family and I drive down to Northern California to visit my husband’s family. It is a grueling 12 hour drive each way and we always opt to do the whole thing in one fell swoop – yes we are crazy!


The highlight of the drive for me is when we emerge from 199 to 101 and see the ocean spread out before us. It is breathtakingly beautiful surrounded by Redwoods and sky. One time we randomly showed up at that spot when the sun was setting and I was so taken with the sight that I immediately pulled the car over, removed the headphones from my husband and daughter and forced everyone to run on the beach. It really was a magical moment.


Ever since then, we’ve purposely timed our adventures to co-inside with the setting sun so that we can have those moments on the beach.


ca-19There is a lot of running in the water, taking pictures and just enjoying the clean air and sound of water.

Adam’s family live so close to the Redwood forest that we often stop there as well to see the towering trees and strange growths.



ca-21Our puppy is in heaven and my adventurous child isn’t happy unless she can feel the dirt between her toes.




ca-26We visit with the family which includes the cutest nephews ever – no, I am not biased!