Lena Eivy Photography | A Rainy Fall Shoot at Discovery Park
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A Rainy Fall Shoot at Discovery Park

I LOVE fall photo shoots – the colors, the smells, the light…the rain…

Mark and I had been planning this photo shoot for months, carefully researching all the possible locations, picking out the perfect wardrobe, and prepping the small child on what to expect. When I woke up Saturday morning to the sound of rain on my skylight, I thought, “Its Seattle – of course it is going to rain. It doesn’t mean we have to cancel.” I checked with Mark, and he felt the same way. I don’t think we were expecting just how much rain was falling from the sky. I had never seen it rain so hard in Seattle.

Despite the (very) wet conditions, Mark, Sonya, and little Morgan had so much fun. Morgan wasn’t afraid to ham it up in front of the camera and even started a leaf fight with her parents in the middle of the downpour.

I’ve known Sonya and her family for years, and it was such a joy to watch them play around in the wet leaves – enjoying each other.