Lena Eivy Photography | An afternoon at Luther Burbank Park in Mercer Island
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An afternoon at Luther Burbank Park in Mercer Island

Last Sunday my family and I found ourselves in a rather unique situation: an entire afternoon and nothing planned! What were we to do with ourselves? Well, if you know us at all, the first thing we did was head over to Freemont to eat yummy Thai food and hit the farmers market.


Ilya has been going through a begging stage, so we offered her $5 to spend on whatever she wanted. Can I just tell you how impressed I was that she picked out this lovely bunch of fresh flowers! They are currently brightening up my living room. Make no mistake, though. They are HER flowers 🙂

Next, we hit Luther Burbank Park in Mercer Island. This is a park that I had a wonderful photoshoot in last week that I couldn’t wait to explore more. It has just about everything I look for in a good shooting location – sweeping views, water, grass, branches, climbing trees, fences, old buildings… I just love it there. So did Ilya who wanted to climb and explore every nook and cranny. Just in case you were wondering, yes – she did dress herself, and yes – her shoes are on the wrong feet. Alwasys.