Lena Eivy Photography | “How do I get my images to look like yours?”
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“How do I get my images to look like yours?”

“How do I get my images to look like yours?”

I was asked this question last week by a super sweet new mama who was doing an AMAZING job of capturing her child with her new digital camera.

I wanted to explain that it comes with hours and hour and hours (and hours and hours) of practice mixed with a ton of study of light and composition and leading lines and blah blah blah blah.

But, I realized that this wasn’t entirely true. While I did all that work to learn how to take a good photos, what really transforms my work from a photos to a piece of art is the EDITING.

Most people shy away from the term “editing.” It brings up images of impossibly thin models with enormous eyes. This is the not the editing that I am talking about.

For me, editing is a tool to create the feel of an image.

For example, I captured this beautiful image of my friend, Kiira, and her little girl at the park last week.

Not bad, right? They are beautifully backlit and have such sweet expressions.

However, once I finish with my edits, it looks like this:

The edits take my photos from good to WOW!

I have one of those rare brains where I really love the creativity of creating an image in the camera, AND I love the tedious task of mastering Photoshop to take those images to the next level.

For those you trying to take your photos to the next level, I highly recommend playing around with some simple photo editing software or apps (my favorite app is FREE and called ColorStory).

If you are still stuck, email me!

I offer one-on-one tutoring not only in how to use your camera but also on how to use photo editing programs.