Lena Eivy Photography | Humanitarian Aid Photographer | Valerie’s Story
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Humanitarian Aid Photographer | Valerie’s Story

During the 1994 Rwandan Genocide, many families fled to Tanzania to escape the violence. Valerie and her family were one of those families, and they lived in Tanzania for over 20 years – building their lives together. Last year, however, the Tanzania government kicked all the Rwandan families out of their country – put them on a bus with nothing but what they could carry and shipped them back to Rwanda.

Valerie lives in the village of Ntoma in a home that was given to her by the Rwandan government. All of her livestock were left in Tanzania when she was forced to move. She cares for her 6 children and 2 orphaned grandchildren. Two of her children and one of her grandchildren attend the school on the top of hill. In exchange for her story and photos, we gave her and her family a goat.

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canon,david,humanitarian photographer,jabo,mama naomi,photographer,rwanda,

Humanitarian Aid Photographer Lena Eivy traveled to Rwanda in August of 2016 to tell the stories of the people of Ntoma.