Lena Eivy Photography | Humanitarian Aid Photographer | Bernard and Counsella
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Humanitarian Aid Photographer | Bernard and Counsella

Bernard and Counsella live in the village of Ntoma with their seven children (two of whom attend school). Their son, Samuel goes to Mama Naomi’s school on the top of the hill and their daughter is studying to become a lawyer.

After surviving the genocide, they found themselves homeless so the government gave them their home that they have lived in ever since.

School is expensive. Books and supplies cost money and this family plans on selling the baby goats to cover these expenses.
aferican family

Humanitarian Aid Photographer Lena Eivy traveled to Africa in August of 2016 to tell the stories of the people of Ntoma. Special thanks to Holli, Seattle Business Photographer with Native Light Photography for working with me to capture these stories.