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100 days of summer

You Need A Personal Project

What’s the fastest way to get out of a rut? When you feel stuck and the creative juices just aren’t flowing?

Get a personal project!

A personal project can be anything from learning to play guitar to knitting your first scarf. The important thing is to start doing something. Don’t know where to begin? Look on Pintrest. I’m serious. Pintrest provides such a wealth of inspiration. While looking through the beautiful pins, pay attention to your body. Did you get butterflies when you saw a beautiful cake? Learn to bake. Did you get an idea for your yard based on something you saw? Start a garden.

The important thing is to do something that is just for you (I’m looking at you, moms).

At any given moment, I have anywhere from 2 – 12 personal projects. My current favorite?

100 Days of Summer! I love this project because it combines my two loves: photography and my child.

The idea is simple: everyday for 100 days this summer, I will be taking a picture of my kid enjoying summer. Is it challenging? YES! Who knew that the act of picking up a camera would be challenging for a photographer, but it is. Also, making the time to shoot for just me is exciting and allows me to stretch my creativity.

I’d love to continue this challenge with anyone who is up for it! All you have to do is commit to taking a personal photo of something summery every day for 100 days. Here are some of my examples. To follow along with my progress, check out my instagram page.

Happy Summer!

100 days of summer