Lena Eivy Photography | Photography Tutoring
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Photography Tutoring

Let’s meet for a photography playdate. Bring your camera and your kid, and I’ll carefully tailor a lesson for you based on your skill level and equipment. You can even bring up to two friends!


$100 per hour and we can meet anywhere you’d like. Your home, the beach, a favorite park.

“I learned so much in just one class! I can comfortably use more than just the auto setting on my camera now, and capture frame worthy photos of my kids. The way Lena explained and showed me everything on my camera made it easy to understand and remember. The hands on with my kids left me with a lot of fantastic photos. She really went above and beyond!” ~Maria

Want to Take Better Photos Now?
cover-512 step by step guides to help you take better photos of your children. Available at Lulu.com Lena Eivy is a photographer who lives in Seattle WA and teaches you to capture the best images of your child. Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.